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This is a comic website...not to be taken serious by serious people...if you are a serious person than you might want to leave. This website is to lay some love and pay respects to the one--the most beloved doctor in the world. Dr. Sanjay Gupta
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    Sunday, June 26, 2005

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta


    Erin: I just heard on CNN by way of Bill Hemmer, Carol Costello, and Chad Myers that Sanjay and Rebecca had a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Sage. Congrats to Rebecca and Sanjay! :) :)

    Ann: Yah hip hip horay!!! Welcome to the world baby Sage Gupta...Now they need to have a boy...or whatever they want...Maybe they should have twins like me...That'll really be some bundles of joy...Right now I bet they are just happy to have the little girl in the world...I been praying for Rebecca and the baby to no-pain healthy delivery...If it's possible to have a no-pain delivery.

    Amy Hickox: Congratulations on Sage! I learned about her birth on CNN this morning on CNN.

    Heidi: Happy Father's Day to Sanjay and what a nice belated Mother's Day gift for Rebecca!

    Carly: Our best wishes go out to Sanjay and Rebecca too.. I bet little Sage is gorgeous!! Bless them all...

    JOY TO THE WORLD: Yes Yes Yes HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO DR. SANJAY GUPTA. May he have many many more to come. Didn't all you girls want to be the mother of his baby? I want to be the mother of SOMETHING. I not sure want though.

    Kandy: Congratulations to dr sanjay and his wife on their new baby

    Ann: You know ladies I always knew Dr. Gupta was a stud.

    The photo is from Emory Magazine. To read a great article on Dr. Gupta click on this link.

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