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This is a comic website...not to be taken serious by serious people...if you are a serious person than you might want to leave. This website is to lay some love and pay respects to the one--the most beloved doctor in the world. Dr. Sanjay Gupta
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    Sunday, August 28, 2005

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta

    Dr. Gupta Would You Breast Feed if You Could?
    Ann: Dear precious and most beloved Dr. Gupta...I would love to see a picture of baby Sage Gupta...I bet Dr. Gupta is a proud papa too, and I just know that Dr. Gupta is a good dad. I bet he would breast feed his little girl if he could...I would love to see Dr. Gupta breast feed, but the poor sweet baby would have to nibble her way though all that hair on his chest, and even if she did nibble her way though all that hair and find his nipple the poor little girl still wouldn't get any milk...I know it sounds like I'm kidding...But being a mother of twins and trying to breast feed for my kids myself is why I say this. I would really love to see a man go though what we women go though, like giving birth, and breast feeding, and having monthly PMS...and I do believe there is a certain kind of bonding a mother gets with a new born child that the father doesn't get because of breast feeding...Breast feeding is considered the best and most healthiest way of feeding for newborns...So I figure maybe Dr. Gupta is smart enough to make it to where a man can do all these things for their children...Like maybe a artificial nipple or boob or something, that a man can strap on, or maybe he can figure out how to really make a man a women. Than maybe Anderson Cooper can give birth to his next child. Than Anderson would know what it's like to breast feed and personally I think a gene mix of Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta would make a really pretty baby. I also honestly think there are a lot of men and women who would volunteer to have either one of those men's baby.

    I guess I would like to ask all men this question..."If you could breast feed would you?" And personally I think you would be a better man if you would say you would breast feed if you could, and I think it's a legitimate medical question, cause I think there are a lot of fathers out there who would love to have that kind of bonding with their newborns and be able to provide them with that kind of good health.

    Sandi W: Sanjay doesn't have any hair on his chest. He has a shiny coat from eating healthy foods.A handsome coat !

    Carly: Hey Ann, I read your breast feeding post, and it made me think of that movie "Meet The Fockers", maybe we should try to get Dr. Gupta the mammary gland, like Robert DeNiro wore in the movie.. lol he is hot he would still be a hunk even with just one breast!

    Ann: Hey Carly...If Dr. Gupta needs a mammary gland...he can have mine.

    Sandi W...are you sure Dr. Gupta doesn't have a hairy chest?...Ya know he's famous here for being hairy...We love to crack jokes about all the pretty dark hair on him...are you sure his chest is bald?...Have you had a good look at it or something?

    Sandi W: Ann it is not bald but I just don't think of it as just hair. I think of it as a shiny coat. and anyone can see the photos of him coming out of the pool on the net. And yes I read the board and he is famous for the ...luscious, lush..lustrous dark stuff. He is probably embarrassed and giggling at the same time if he has the time to read this.

    posted by LaJuan @ 11:43 AM